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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel Complete Volume Free Download [EPUB][PDF]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School) Light NovelComplete Volume Free Download [EPUB][PDF]
The Irregular at Magic High School

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)
AuthorPatora Fuyuhara
GenreAction,Romance,Science fantasy

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The series is set in an alternate history world where magic exists and has been refined by contemporary technology. However, the capacity to utilize magic is genetically determined, limiting the number of magicians in existence. Following World War III, the world's superpowers were reduced to four: the United States of North America (USNA), the New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and Japan. 

In Japan, the ten master clans manage the magical society informally rather than via the government. Due to the scarcity of magicians, they are viewed as commodities and are compelled to attend magic-related institutions and professions. 

The story follows Tatsuya Shiba, a bodyguard to his sister Miyuki Shiba who is also a candidate to succeed the master clan, Yotsuba. They enroll into First High School which segregates its students based on their magical abilities. Miyuki is enlisted as a first course student and is viewed as one of the best students, while Tatsuya is in the second course and considered to be magically inept. However, Tatsuya’s technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques causes people to view him as an irregular to the school’s standardized rankings.

On Japan, there are nine magic high schools, each specializing in a distinct facet of magic and simply referred to by their numbers.

Tatsuya Shiba, a bodyguard of his sister Miyuki Shiba, who is also a candidate to replace the master clan, Yotsuba, is the protagonist of the novel. They enroll at First High School, which divides its pupils according to their magical powers. Miyuki is enrolled in the first course and is regarded as one of the top students, but Tatsuya is in the second course and is seen as magically incompetent. Tatsuya's technical knowledge, combat ability, and unique magic methods, on the other hand, compel many to regard him as an outlier in the school's standardized ranks.

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